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Kali Limenes

The beach of Kali Limenes is located 75km southwest of Heraklion, in the region of Pigaidakia village. It is one of the very few coastal areas of Asterousia Mountains that are accessible via a paved road.

To get here, you have to drive from village Pompia, in Messara Plain, follow the road to Pigaidakia village and then head for Kali Limenes. The route is simply fascinating as it offers you the chance to experience the wild beauty of Asterousia. There are other dirt roads that can get you to Kali Limenes, too, one from the village of Sivas and the Monastery of Odigitria and the other one from Platia Peramata.

It is pretty certain that you will be enchanted by the beautiful beaches of the area. As their name implies, the sea at Kali Limenes is almost always calm and has an air of serenity and tranquility.

In the west, there is the “Psili Ammos” (Fine Sand) beach with its shallow waters, which is suitable for families with young children, as well as the small beach of Agios Pavlos (Straits.

In the east, there is the “Makria Ammos” (Long Sand) beach, which is the longest beach in the region and is suitable for diving trips.

A bit further in the east, there is the beach of Chrysostomos, which houses the ruins of the ancient city of Lassaia.

Kaloi Limenes is a safe and quiet resort that will make you live an incredible holiday experience in the crystal-clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

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